An update on LearnR


Dear all,

thank you so much for your interested in LearnR, my upcoming online course for busy people who want to get started with R! I would like to share with you three quick updates.

First, due to, as we say, unforeseen personal events, I had to delay the launch of the course. I have a (rough) internal deadline but as these personal events haven't fully resolved yet, for the time being I prefer to stay prudent on a publication date. My goal is to ship the course as soon as possible but without sacrificing ambition nor quality. I always wanted the course to be of top-notch quality and my plans haven't changed a bit.

Second, if you subscribed to get notified by email when LearnR will launch, I have moved your email subscription to a new website — (instead of LearnR's website). I needed to do so in order to prepare LearnR's website for the launch of the course. You don't need to do anything. Nothing has changed except the URL where you can manage your subscribtion.

If you haven't already subscribed, you can subscribe right below to receive an email when LearnR will launch.

Third, a really good surprise of the past several weeks was that my projects related to R have receive a lot of interest — which I definitely appreciate and wasn't really expecting! To take advantage of this dynamic, I created a dedicated Twitter account and a Facebook page. I also had to do some extra work in terms of marketing. The new website your newsletter subscription has been moved to will act as a hub for everything R related I do — now and in the future. LearnR is just a beginning, I have a lot more in my pipeline.

Thanks for your patience. I cannot wait to launch LearnR — and the rest!

Have a nice summer,