Get the most out of R – the easy way

By Olivier Simard-Casanova, economist and data scientist

CodeHub (formerly LearnRstats) is a collection of resources and services provided by Olivier Simard-Casanova to help you get the most out of R
Bonjour ! My name is Olivier Simard-Casanova, I am an economist and a data scientist.

I started to work with R in 2014, during my PhD. Since then, I have accumulated a lot of knowledge and experience. With CodeHub, my goal is to pass this knowledge and experience to you.

Online courses

I can provide in-person and customized version of the online courses. Contact me to learn more.

Getting started with R for busy people

Learn everything you need (no more, no less) to start working on your data efficiently

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Online and in-person workshops

An online and in-person workshop version of Getting started with R for busy people is available!

Get started with R in two days

An upcoming online and in-person workshop by Olivier Simard-Casanova

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Find fast and accurate answers to your R questions


A collection of snippets and guides to help you cut the time googling for answers

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Discuss your R project with me

Book one-hour long meetings on Zoom and Microsoft Teams

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Keep your R and RStudio install up to date with UpdateR

Custom services

  • Consulting services
  • Online meetings
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