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You can book one-hour long video calls on Zoom or Microsoft Teams with me to discuss your projects that fit with my areas of expertise. I will be happy to help!


My areas of expertise

R and its ecosystem

I started to learn R in 2014. Since then, R has become one of my most important professional tool.

โ–ถ I can help to get you started with R. I can also help with data import, cleaning and merging, data visualization, ggplot2, the Tidyverse, renv, RStudio, RMarkdown and Quarto, and working with big files.
Data visualization and data-driven communication

I have a long history of using data to communicate โ€” with plots and maps, interactive dashboards or regular PDF documents

โ–ถ I can help you craft effective data-driven communication
Online content creation and monetization

I run the largest French-speaking economics newsletter. I create online content since 2015: articles and wikis, newsletters, podcasts, YouTube and TikTok videos, Instagram posts.

โ–ถ I can help you establish a strategy, both for your content and to monetization it
Online communication for scientific institutions and researchers (from researchers to researchers)

Thanks to my experience with online communication and academia, I can help you build an effective communication strategy that fits with your resources and objectives

โ–ถ I can help with institutional communication, and with event-based communication (such as conferences and workshops)
Science outreach and science communication (from researchers to the public)

I do science outreach since 2015. I currently run the largest French-speaking economics newsletter where I write articles, host online events and a podcast.

โ–ถ I can help you design and execute your scientific outreach program

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How to book a video call

  • You don't need to pay any extra if multiple people attend the call
  • You can choose Zoom or Microsoft Teams
  • Please be aware that I can't guarantee that you will have a satisfying answer to your question at the end of the call. You book one hour of my time, not a guaranteed answer.
  • No refunds. If you have already paid and want to change the date and/or time of your call, please reschedule the call.
  • Terms apply

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If you are located elsewhere: as a one-man operation, I can only offer bookings in time slots that are compatible with my time zone (which is currently France). You can explore the two links above to see if one time slot could fit. You can also try to contact me. Thank you for your understanding.

2. Pay with card

Once your payment is completed, I will (manually) confirm the pre-booking as a full booking. Please note that as confirmation is a manual operation, it doesn't automatically happen right after your payment. Once your booking is confirmed, you will receive an email with the Zoom or Microsoft Teams link.