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About Walled Garden

Walled Garden is an (infrequent) newsletter to help you make the most out of Apple products. It is written by Olivier Simard-Casanova, independent economist, data scientist and writer.

Hi and welcome on Walled Garden!

On top of being an independent economist, a data scientist and a writer, I've also been an Apple user and enthusiast for more than 10 years. I've got my first Mac in 2009, and I since have bought and used a ton of Apple devices — iPhones, iPads, Apple Watches, an Apple TV. When it comes to macOS and iOS, I probably fall somewhere in the spectrum of power users.

I don't have any big goals with this infrequent newsletter. I basically just want to have an outlet to share some of my thoughts on Apple, its products and the ecosystem. I do not claim to have any sort of revolutionary analysis or anything. I'm just a power-ish user with a newsletter.

See you soon on Walled Garden,

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